German Frigate “Hessen” Faces Ammunition Shortage and Identifies Challenges in Red Sea Mission



The German frigate “Hessen” is currently deployed in the Red Sea as part of a European mission to protect trade ships from attacks by Houthi rebels in Yemen, a vital trade route for the global and German economy. Recent incidents have highlighted challenges faced by the “Hessen,” including an accidental near-miss with a US drone and concerns over potential ammunition shortages for its air defense systems. This situation raises questions about the frigate’s sustainability in the region and Germany’s overall military preparedness and capabilities.

  • The German frigate “Hessen” has been deployed to the Red Sea to protect important trade routes from attacks by Houthi rebels in Yemen.
  • The “Hessen” has already engaged in operations, including shooting down two drones, and narrowly avoided shooting down a US drone due to identification issues.
  • Concerns have been raised about the frigate’s ability to restock its ammunition, particularly for its long-range missile system, the Standard Missile 2.
  • Germany’s military expert Christian Mölling discussed the significance of the mission for European security and the suitability of the “Hessen” for the mission, despite potential limitations in ammunition and personnel.
  • There are challenges in quickly replenishing ammunition due to operational secrecy and potential production timelines.
  • The discussion also touched on the broader context of Germany’s defense capabilities and budget constraints, emphasizing the need for increased investment in military resources.
  • The situation highlights the tension between the European Union’s reliance on vital trade routes and its limited military presence in the region.

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