German Defense Minister Warns Against Division Amid Russia’s Information War



Germany’s Defense Minister Boris Pistorius emphasized the importance of unity in the face of what he described as an information war conducted by Russia. This comes after Russian state broadcaster RT leaked a conversation among German officials discussing a potential attack on a bridge linking Russia to occupied Crimea using German-made Taurus missiles. Pistorius accused Russia of attempting to divide Germany’s domestic politics and stressed the need for the country to remain united against such tactics. The leak has sparked political debate within Germany about the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine and the implications for German involvement in the conflict.

  • German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius accuses Russia of attempting to divide Germany through an information war.
  • A leaked conversation discussed the potential use of German-made Taurus missiles to attack a bridge linking Russia to Crimea.
  • Pistorius emphasizes the need for Germany to remain united and not be divided by external influences.
  • The leak led to debates within Germany regarding the credibility of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine.
  • Despite the controversy, Germany remains committed to supporting Ukraine, although Chancellor Scholz has reservations about escalating the war by delivering Taurus missiles.
  • The opposition in Germany is demanding an inquiry into the leak and the potential implications for German foreign policy.

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