Arson Attack Temporarily Halts Production at Tesla’s Gigafactory Near Berlin



An arson attack has temporarily shut down Tesla’s Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany, after a high voltage electricity pylon was set on fire, leading to a power outage. A far-left militant group has claimed responsibility for the incident. The attack has forced Tesla to halt production and evacuate workers, with the company indicating that losses could run into several hundred million Euros. The incident occurs amid protests by environmental activists against the factory’s expansion, although these activists have distanced themselves from the arson. German authorities are investigating the act of sabotage and the government has condemned attacks on infrastructure.

  • A suspected arson attack targeted Tesla’s Gigafactory near Berlin, causing a power outage and production shutdown.
  • A far-left militant group claimed responsibility for the incident.
  • The attack coincided with environmental protests against the factory’s expansion plans.
  • Environmental activists occupying a nearby forest have distanced themselves from the arson.
  • Tesla expects the production halt to result in losses of several hundred million Euros.
  • Authorities are investigating the incident as an act of sabotage and arson.
  • The German government has condemned the attack and plans to increase protection for critical infrastructure.
  • Concerns rise about how this incident may affect other international companies’ willingness to invest in Germany.

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