Cameron and Baerbock Advocate for Sustainable Cease-fire in Gaza, Discuss Military Aid for Ukraine



British Foreign Minister David Cameron and his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, met in Berlin to discuss bilateral cooperation and the ongoing situations in Ukraine and Gaza. During their meeting, they emphasized the necessity of establishing a sustainable cease-fire in Gaza to facilitate increased humanitarian assistance. Additionally, they discussed the importance of providing more military aid to Ukraine, reiterating their commitment to supporting Ukraine in resisting Russia’s aggression.

  • The meeting between David Cameron and Annalena Baerbock was part of the UK-Germany strategic dialogue, aimed at continuing bilateral talks.
  • Both diplomats focused on international crises, particularly the war in Ukraine and the conflict in Gaza, advocating for a cease-fire in the latter to allow for humanitarian aid.
  • They discussed military support for Ukraine, with Cameron highlighting the effectiveness of British missiles in aiding Ukraine’s defense and implicitly urging Germany to provide similar support.
  • No new commitments were publicly made regarding military support, but the meeting served to demonstrate the continued support both countries wish to offer Ukraine.
  • Recent strains in UK-Germany relations, particularly over a leaked phone conversation suggesting the presence of British troops in Ukraine, were not directly addressed during the meeting.
  • Despite potential strains, both ministers emphasized their close cooperation and shared stance on the major conflicts discussed.
  • David Cameron praised the collaborative effort between a British Conservative and a German Green, underscoring their united front in addressing the issues.

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