Ghana Faces International Concern as Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Threatens Human Rights and Economic Stability



In Ghana, the LGBTQ+ community faces increased fear and isolation as the country awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling on a new anti-LGBTQ+ bill which seeks to extend existing bans on gay sex to include same-sex displays of affection and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. This proposed legislation has garnered significant local support, exacerbating concerns among LGBTQ+ Ghanaians about their safety and rights. The bill has been criticized by rights groups and has potential economic implications for Ghana, risking funding from international bodies like the World Bank.

  • Ghana’s President awaits a Supreme Court ruling before acting on a new LGBTQ+ bill that extends the ban on gay sex to include same-sex displays of affection and LGBTQ+ advocacy.
  • The bill has considerable local support, heightening fears among the LGBTQ+ community of increased homophobic violence and discrimination.
  • Same-sex intercourse is currently illegal in Ghana, with penalties of up to three years in prison. The proposed bill would further restrict LGBTQ+ rights, imposing jail terms for identifying as gay or promoting LGBTQ+ activities.
  • Rights groups condemn the bill, stating it has broader implications for freedom of expression in Ghana, affecting media and public discourse on LGBTQ+ issues.
  • The bill is supported by religious and traditional leaders and aligns with conservative beliefs prevalent among many Ghanaians, emphasizing the protection of cultural values.
  • Ghana’s economic crisis and warnings from the finance ministry highlight the potential loss of billions of dollars in funding from international bodies like the World Bank if the bill is enacted.
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community, like the individual featured in the report, express a resolve to leave Ghana if the bill becomes law, refusing to be criminalized for their identity.

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