Polish Farmers Protest Over Ukrainian Agricultural Imports Amid EU Policies



Polish farmers have initiated significant protests, including blockades at border crossings with Ukraine, voicing their concerns over low prices and unfavorable conditions exacerbated by the import of Ukrainian agricultural products. These protests highlight the farmers’ struggle with high production costs versus low sale prices, particularly notable in the apple farming sector. The situation is further complicated by EU regulations and the open border policy with Ukraine, which, according to protestors, has led to unfair competition. The Polish government, acknowledging the crisis, promises efforts to protect local farmers, while the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine adds layers of complexity to the farmers’ grievances and the broader geopolitical implications.

  • Nationwide farmers’ protests in Poland have escalated to border blockades, particularly at the Medyka-Sheni crossing with Ukraine.
  • Polish apple farmers, represented by Wara Matovski, express the economic hardships of farming, citing high production costs and low fruit prices, with production costs having risen significantly over the past 15 years.
  • Farmers attribute the crisis to EU environmental regulations and the open border policy for Ukraine, claiming these policies lead to unfair competition.
  • The Polish government acknowledges the challenges faced by farmers and commits to protecting them from unfair competition.
  • The EU’s decision to allow Ukrainian goods to enter the bloc with minimal restrictions, intended as support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, is a point of contention for Polish farmers.
  • Despite the protests, there is expressed support among Polish farmers for Ukraine, distinguishing their grievances from their stance on humanitarian and military support for the country.
  • Concerns are raised about the potential for external forces, including Russia, to exploit the farmers’ protests to create tension within EU countries.
  • Negotiations between Warsaw and Kiev are ongoing, aiming to address the concerns of Polish farmers while maintaining support for Ukraine.

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