Autonomous Vessels Revolutionize Shipping Industry: BBC News Report on the Launch of World’s Largest Robotic Ships

A fleet of high-tech robotic vessels is set to transform the maritime industry, with a new breed of ships that can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world. Ocean Infinity is pioneering this revolution with their 78-meter long ships, which require significantly smaller crews and can perform tasks like offshore surveys and infrastructure checks. These vessels are operated from a remote control center, potentially allowing a captain to command multiple ships simultaneously. The technology is advancing rapidly, but international maritime regulations must be updated to accommodate these innovations.

  • A new generation of robotic vessels can be remotely controlled, reducing the need for large crews.
  • Ocean Infinity has launched a 78-meter vessel, typically manned by 16 crew members instead of the usual 40 to 50.
  • The company plans to build a fleet of 23 high-tech robotic ships for tasks such as offshore wind farm surveys and underwater infrastructure checks.
  • Remote operations are conducted from a futuristic control room in Southampton, where tasks like watchkeeping and launching underwater robots are performed.
  • Advancements in remote ship operation technology allow for precise real-time control over long distances.
  • The shipping industry must revise international maritime regulations to accommodate the shift towards robotic ships.
  • While full automation may be a long way off, the maritime industry is preparing for significant changes with the advent of these new technologies.

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