US Military Ship to Construct Temporary Port in Gaza for Aid Delivery

The US military has dispatched a support ship from the port of Virginia to construct a temporary pier in Gaza to aid in the delivery of humanitarian assistance, while a Spanish ship loaded with supplies awaits clearance in Cyprus. This move comes amid ongoing military operations and increasing pressure for Israel to facilitate more aid for civilians in Gaza. US President Joe Biden has expressed his support for Israel’s right to self-defense but has also cautioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the impact on innocent lives. Despite hopes for a ceasefire during Ramadan, no agreement appears imminent, increasing the urgency for alternative aid delivery methods.

  • The US military, in collaboration with the Jordanian Air Force, has been conducting airdrops of aid in Gaza.
  • A US military ship has set sail to Gaza from Virginia to build a temporary pier, which will take approximately 2 months to complete.
  • A Spanish aid ship in Cyprus, carrying 150-200 tons of supplies, is waiting for final security clearances from Israel to set sail for Gaza.
  • President Biden supports Israel’s right to defend itself but has urged Netanyahu to be mindful of the loss of innocent lives.
  • No ceasefire deal seems to be in place as Ramadan nears its end, necessitating the need for additional aid entry points into Gaza.
  • Local media reports suggest the aid ship in Cyprus may soon depart, with the journey potentially taking longer than the usual 15 hours due to the heavy load.
  • Landing in Gaza is challenging due to the lack of a functioning port and the breakdown of civil society in some areas.
  • Before the conflict, over 420 trucks per day entered Gaza with aid, now reduced to just over 100, insufficient to meet the increased need.
  • Efforts like maritime corridors and airdrops are underway to supplement the reduced road-based aid delivery, but they fall short of Gaza’s needs.
  • The UN has warned of catastrophic consequences due to the restriction of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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