First Ship Utilizing New Maritime Aid Corridor Sets Sail for Gaza with 200 Tons of Food Supplies Amid Humanitarian Crisis


A ship named Open Arms, carrying 200 tons of humanitarian aid including food, has embarked from Cyprus to Gaza, marking the first use of a newly established maritime corridor intended to deliver relief to the region. The vessel’s journey, expected to extend over a day due to the heavy load of aid it is towing, comes after months of negotiations to open this corridor amid Gaza’s escalating humanitarian crisis. The initiative, while a sign of hope, faces challenges due to the absence of permanent port infrastructure in Gaza and the complexities of coordinating aid delivery under the current conditions. This maritime route is seen as a supplement, not a replacement, for the much-needed increase in humanitarian access through traditional land routes.
  • The Open Arms is pioneering a new maritime aid corridor from Cyprus to Gaza, carrying 200 tons of food.
  • Extensive negotiations at the political level preceded the launch of this maritime corridor.
  • Israeli officials are overseeing checks by Cypriate officials in Larica to ensure the aid reaches Gaza directly.
  • The aid includes essential food items like flour, rice, and canned goods, addressing the dire need in Gaza.
  • This maritime route is not seen as a replacement for traditional land routes, which are crucial for delivering adequate humanitarian aid to Gaza.
  • Prior to the Hamas terror attacks on October 7th, approximately 500 trucks of aid were entering Gaza daily, a number that has significantly decreased since.
  • The launch of the Open Arms and the maritime corridor has been welcomed as a sign of hope amid escalating conflict and a spiraling humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • Ramadan celebrations in Gaza are deeply affected by the ongoing conflict, with many struggling to arrange the traditional Iftar meal due to food scarcity.
  • The UN Secretary-General has called for a halt to the fighting during Ramadan, emphasizing the dire situation and the need for increased humanitarian aid.
  • Despite hopes for a ceasefire agreement before Ramadan, negotiations have stalled, with no breakthrough in sight.
  • The situation in Gaza remains tense, with the Israeli operation in Rafa posing additional challenges to the already dire humanitarian condition.

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