Biologists Discover Over 100 New Marine Species in Deep Sea Expedition off New Zealand



In a significant marine discovery off the coast of New Zealand, biologists have identified approximately 100 new species dwelling in the depths of the Bounty Trough, situated 5 kilometers beneath the sea surface. Among the newly found organisms, some are so unique that scientists are yet to classify them, including an unusual entity known as a sea pig. The expedition focused on uncovering species previously unknown to science in hopes of understanding and preserving marine biodiversity before it’s potentially lost.

  • Biologists have discovered around 100 new marine species in the Bounty Trough off New Zealand.
  • The organisms found include unidentifiable species and a peculiar creature referred to as a sea pig.
  • The discovery was made during an expedition aimed at identifying unknown marine species.
  • Among the findings was a large sea cucumber and sea ps, which are sea cucumbers with leg-like appendages.
  • Cameras lowered to the sea floor captured known species living at unexpected depths, including a taningia danae squid with large light organs and hooks on its arms.
  • A new species of eelpout, a new octocoral, and at least one unclassifiable creature were among the discoveries.
  • The Bounty Trough was previously considered underexplored, highlighting the potential for further scientific exploration and discovery.

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