Violence Resurges in Haiti Amid Political Crisis and Humanitarian Concerns



Haiti is experiencing a resurgence of violence in its capital, Port-au-Prince, following a period of relative peace. A significant incident involved a fire in the national prison amid threats from a powerful gang leader, highlighting the country’s deepening political crisis. This turmoil follows a rebellion by armed gangs, which included prison raids and the release of thousands of inmates. Amidst these developments, Prime Minister Ariel Henry has agreed to step down, pending the formation of a new transitional council. The United Nations has also announced a reconfiguration of its staff in Haiti, relocating some members to the Dominican Republic while reinforcing its humanitarian crisis team in the country.

  • Port-au-Prince is witnessing a new surge in violence after a brief calm, with a fire reported in the national prison.
  • Prime Minister Ariel Henry has agreed to resign once a new transitional council is established.
  • The United Nations is reorganizing its presence in Haiti, moving some staff to the Dominican Republic and focusing on humanitarian aid.
  • Diplomatic representations from countries like Canada, France, the United States, and Germany have reduced their presence in Haiti due to the crisis.
  • Six out of seven names have been submitted to CARICOM for the transitional council, but disputes and disagreements persist.
  • The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021 has left a vacuum in leadership, making the renewal of institutions and the implementation of a new council challenging.
  • Over 15,000 people have been displaced by the recent violence, and agencies like WFP and UNICEF warn of famine-like conditions for a significant portion of Port-au-Prince’s population and half of Haiti’s overall population facing hunger.

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