Georgia Celebrates Independence Day Amid Controversy Over Proposed ‘Foreign Agent Law’



Georgia celebrated its Independence Day with a military parade in the capital, Tbilisi, amidst ongoing protests and unrest over the controversial “foreign agent law.” This legislation, which requires media and nonprofit organizations to register if over 20% of their funding comes from abroad, has been criticized for threatening democracy. Despite being vetoed by Georgia’s pro-Western president, the ruling Georgian Dream party is seeking to override the veto. The day was marked by a festive atmosphere, but also highlighted deep divisions within the country over its future direction and relationship with the West and Russia.

  • A military parade marked Georgia’s Independence Day in Tbilisi, following weeks of unrest over the “foreign agent law.”
  • The controversial law requires media and nonprofit organizations to register if over 20% of their funding is foreign, sparking criticism about threats to democracy.
  • Georgia’s president vetoed the law, but the ruling Georgian Dream party plans to override this veto.
  • Independence Day celebrations were festive but underscored divisions over Georgia’s pro-Western stance and its relationship with Russia.
  • Officials and the president delivered speeches with differing views on Georgia’s future and its relationship with the West.
  • Protests against the “foreign agent law” are expected to continue, as it is seen by some as aligning Georgia closer to Russia.
  • Georgian officials have stated they will not back down despite potential Western sanctions and insist on the bill for transparency and non-interference from the West.

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