Death Toll Rises to 12 in Russian Strike on Crowded Store in Kharkiv, Ukraine

In a recent strike on a crowded DIY store in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the death toll has risen to 12, as reported by local Ukrainian media. The incident occurred on a Saturday afternoon when two guided glide bombs launched from Russian aircraft hit the store, which was said to host around 200 people at the time. The store, described as a sprawling complex selling a wide range of goods, could not evacuate everyone to safety in time despite attempts to do so after the alert was sounded. This attack is part of a series of bombings in the area, prompting Ukraine to call for more Western support in terms of air defenses and permissions to strike back. Meanwhile, the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine remains tense, with ongoing advancements by Russian forces.

  • The death toll from the strike on a DIY store in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has risen to 12.
  • The attack involved two guided glide bombs launched by Russian aircraft.
  • Approximately 200 people were inside the store at the time of the strike.
  • The store sold a variety of goods, including home appliances, furniture, sports equipment, and building materials.
  • Efforts to shelter people were made after sirens sounded, but the bombs hit swiftly, preventing everyone from reaching safety.
  • This event is part of a series of deadly bombings in Kharkiv, with civilians among the victims.
  • Ukraine has renewed calls for more air defenses from Western allies and permission to use Western-supplied weapons to strike inside Russia.
  • NATO Secretary General and the Speaker of the House of Representatives have suggested lifting restrictions on Ukraine using Western-supplied weapons to target inside Russia.
  • There is ongoing fierce fighting in the eastern regions of Ukraine, with Russian forces making daily advancements.
  • Despite the arrival of new Western supplies, Ukrainian soldiers express concerns about the sufficiency of support amidst the advancing Russian forces.

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