Evaluating Modi’s Economic Promises Amid India’s Rising Inequality and Election Challenges



In a detailed analysis presented by DW News, concerns about India’s widening economic inequality amidst ambitious economic growth plans under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership are highlighted. The discussion points to the contrast between India’s rapid economic growth and its position as the country with one of the lowest quality of life indices among G20 nations. The video underscores India’s struggle with unprecedented levels of unemployment, the challenges in the agricultural sector, and the government’s focus on digital welfare systems over traditional welfare services. The discourse also touches on the low female labor force participation rate in India and questions the feasibility of Modi’s promise to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

  • India is experiencing its worst inequality in 75 years, likened to the “billionaire Raj.”
  • Despite being one of the fastest-growing major economies, India’s overall quality of life remains the lowest among G20 nations.
  • The Modi government’s last decade focused on capital-intensive growth in manufacturing and construction, benefitting a few billionaires but exacerbating unemployment.
  • Agricultural sector challenges persist with stagnating rural incomes, high food inflation, and farmer protests against corporate investment in agriculture.
  • Initiatives like digital cash transfers for pensions and loans, and a subsidized grain program have been popular, yet questions arise about the reduction in traditional welfare services.
  • India faces a “demographic disaster” with high youth unemployment, failing to harness its “demographic dividend.”
  • Female labor force participation in India is one of the lowest in the world, attributed to the lack of jobs and support services for women.
  • Modi aims to make India a manufacturing hub as part of his economic growth plan, capitalizing on global shifts away from China, though this goal faces skepticism.

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