US and Germany Authorize Ukraine to Conduct Limited Strikes in Russia to Counter Military Advances



The United States and Germany have recently modified their policies, allowing Ukraine to use weapons provided by these countries to carry out limited military strikes inside Russia, specifically targeting the Eastern Harke region. This decision aims to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Russian advances in an area where Ukrainian forces have been enduring heavy attacks. This move represents a significant shift in the approach taken by NATO countries in response to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, although it’s highlighted that these decisions are made by individual NATO member states, not NATO as an organization. The effectiveness of this policy change on the ground remains uncertain, as restrictions are still in place regarding the extent to which Ukraine can utilize these weapons.

  • Germany and the US have authorized Ukraine to use their supplied weapons for limited strikes inside Russia, specifically in the Eastern Harke region.
  • This policy shift is a response to Russia’s attacks from positions in the Harke area, particularly from the directly adjacent border region.
  • The decision is made by individual NATO countries, not by NATO as an organization, marking a significant change in the handling of the conflict.
  • Ukraine’s use of these Western-supplied weapons is restricted to targeting military positions in the Harke region, indicating a limited scope of authorization.
  • Russia has condemned the decision, accusing NATO countries of provoking a new level of escalation in the conflict.
  • Experts suggest that while this may help alleviate some pressure on Ukrainian forces, it’s unclear if it will significantly change the situation on the ground.
  • The delayed response to Russian escalations and the incremental approach to supporting Ukraine are seen as potentially less effective strategies in managing the conflict.
  • There’s an emphasis on the need for a more comprehensive support strategy for Ukraine, including giving it the means to fully defend its territory under international law.

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