Netanyahu Rejects Ceasefire Proposal, Vows to Continue Efforts to Eliminate Hamas



In a recent development, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed his stance on not agreeing to a ceasefire in Gaza until Israel’s conditions are fully met, amidst ongoing military operations in the region. This statement comes in the wake of the Israeli Army announcing the death of four hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, highlighting the intensifying situation. Netanyahu’s commitment to the “elimination of Hamas” underscores the escalating conflict, despite international calls for a ceasefire and the proposal of a peace plan by US President Joe Biden aimed at ending the hostilities and securing a hostage release.

  • The Israeli Army has declared four hostages held by Hamas dead, intensifying the crisis.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses a ceasefire in Gaza, prioritizing the fulfillment of Israel’s conditions and the goal of eliminating Hamas.
  • Continued air strikes in southern Gaza have resulted in numerous casualties and significant destruction, with calls from affected Palestinians for a ceasefire.
  • US President Joe Biden presented an Israeli ceasefire proposal, which was subsequently dismissed by Netanyahu, emphasizing the objective of defeating Hamas.
  • There is growing international pressure on Israel to cease its military operations, alongside domestic calls for negotiating a truce to secure the release of additional hostages.
  • The White House and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan indicate that the peace proposal was indeed Israel’s initiative, countering suggestions of US pressure on its ally.

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