Biden Issues Executive Order to Restrict Asylum Claims at US-Mexico Border


President Joe Biden has issued an executive order aimed at restricting irregular migrants from claiming asylum at the US-Mexico border in an effort to manage the high number of daily crossings, which averages around 3,500. The executive order permits the arrest of individuals crossing the border without authorization and allows state judges the capability to return people to their home countries. The measure is set to take effect when irregular crossings average at least 2,500 a day, with hopes of reducing the numbers to a manageable level while still adhering to international law obligations.
  • The executive order targets irregular migrants claiming asylum at the US-Mexico border.
  • It permits police to arrest people crossing the border without authorization.
  • State judges are given the ability to return people to their home countries.
  • The measure takes effect when daily crossings average at least 2,500.
  • Those attempting to cross illegally will be deported.
  • The action aims to reduce the number of people trying to enter the US illegally to a level the system can manage.
  • The US government is committed to carrying out this order in line with all responsibilities under international law.
  • There are questions regarding the enforcement of the order and the resources required for deportations.
  • The order’s impact on asylum seekers and the potential for legal challenges are significant concerns.
  • Irregular migration is a major concern for American voters ahead of the presidential election.
  • Biden’s strategy may aim to sway moderate Republicans without alienating the identitarian left of his party.
  • There are exceptions within the executive order for minors and certain groups of political refugees.
  • Critics argue the executive order may be too strict and question alternative measures to limit the number of irregular immigrants.
  • The Biden administration has implemented a smartphone app to manage asylum claims at ports of entry.
  • There is a significant backlog and long waiting times for appointments to enter the US legally.
  • Organizations are preparing legal challenges against the executive order, considering it potentially illegal.
  • Experts suggest investing in the Immigration Court System and improving coordination between various levels of government to support asylum seekers.

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