Benny Gantz Resigns from Netanyahu’s Emergency Government, Calls for New Elections



Benny Gantz, Israeli Minister and leader of the Centrist party National Unity, has officially resigned from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government, citing unfulfilled commitments and calling for new elections. Gantz’s departure was anticipated following his ultimatum last month demanding the approval of a post-war plan for Gaza. His resignation underscores deepening divisions within the Israeli government and highlights Netanyahu’s increased reliance on his far-right allies. Gantz emphasized the need for a credible plan for Gaza and the return of hostages, as well as addressing the displacement of residents in Northern Israel due to recent conflicts.

  • Benny Gantz announced his resignation from Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government, citing the lack of a post-war plan for Gaza and empty promises as his reasons.
  • Gantz’s resignation had been expected since he issued an ultimatum to Netanyahu about three weeks prior to his departure.
  • As the leader of the National Unity party, Gantz entered the emergency government to demonstrate national unity following the October 7th Hamas attack.
  • He emphasized the importance of a credible plan for the return of hostages from Gaza, a strategy for Gaza’s future, and a timeline for the return of displaced residents in Northern Israel.
  • Gantz’s departure leaves Netanyahu more reliant on far-right allies, potentially isolating his government both internationally and domestically.
  • The resignation could give a boost to anti-government protesters by removing a central centrist voice from the government.
  • Gantz’s National Unity party has been performing well in polls, potentially positioning him favorably for upcoming elections.

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