Hamas’s Demands Stall Peace Plan Despite International Support



The recent developments in the Gaza ceasefire negotiations highlight a complex scenario where Hamas has shown initial positive reaction to a US-backed truce proposal but has requested changes that the US deems unacceptable. Despite international support for the plan, including endorsement by the UN Security Council, Hamas’s demands and the absence of Israel’s clear public endorsement complicate the path to peace. The proposed peace plan involves a phased approach, including a six-week truce, a permanent ceasefire, and a plan to rebuild Gaza. The situation is further complicated by internal dynamics within Hamas and the strategic calculations of its leaders.

  • The US Secretary of State reports progress towards a ceasefire in Gaza, with Hamas’s acceptance being the main hurdle.
  • Hamas has responded positively to the truce proposal but is asking for changes that are largely unacceptable to the US.
  • The UN Security Council has endorsed the peace plan, urging immediate action without conditions from both Israel and Hamas.
  • The peace plan consists of three phases: a six-week truce with partial troop withdrawal and prisoner exchanges, a permanent ceasefire with full Israeli withdrawal, and a reconstruction plan for Gaza.
  • Internal dynamics within Hamas, particularly the influence of Gaza-based leader Yahya Sinwar, play a crucial role in the group’s decision-making.
  • Hamas’s demands may serve as a delay tactic, with leaked messages suggesting a strategic use of civilian casualties for propaganda.
  • Qatar’s role as mediator is crucial, yet officials express frustration with the negotiation process.
  • Concerns are raised about the “day after” a ceasefire, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive plan addressing security, humanitarian, and governance issues.

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