Ugandan Mothers Form Life-Saving Breast Milk Donor Community to Aid Newborns


In Uganda, a burgeoning community of mothers is providing a beacon of hope for parents who are unable to nurse their newborns with their own breast milk. The group, known as ATA, has emerged as a vital resource for babies born prematurely or with conditions that prevent them from feeding directly from their mothers. By collecting and safely distributing donated breast milk, ATA is playing a crucial role in nurturing the health of these vulnerable infants. Through rigorous screening and education for donors on safe milk handling and storage, ATA ensures that the milk reaches the babies in a condition that’s both safe and nourishing. This initiative not only supports the babies’ immediate nutritional needs but also fosters a spirit of community and shared responsibility among mothers.
  • ATA is a nonprofit community group based in Kampala, Uganda, dedicated to collecting breast milk from donors to support babies in need.
  • The initiative was founded to address the lack of available donor breast milk for babies born too soon, too small, or too sick to feed naturally.
  • Donors are thoroughly screened and instructed on how to safely prepare and store their breast milk before donation.
  • More than 200 mothers have donated breast milk through ATA, benefiting over 450 babies.
  • ATA has plans to establish a fully-fledged breast milk bank in the future to further support its mission.
  • The initiative was inspired by the personal tragedy of its founder, Tracy Aumua, who lost her own baby but wanted to make a difference for other children in need.
  • The World Health Organization recommends donated breast milk from a milk bank as an alternative to a mother’s milk when necessary.
  • ATA’s process includes testing donor mothers for diseases that can be transferred through breast milk to ensure the safety and well-being of recipient babies.
  • The organization provides the donated milk free of charge to families, emphasizing the communal sharing of resources for the greater good.

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