Israeli Military Implements “Tactical Pauses” Amid Conflicts with Netanyahu Government on Gaza Strategy



In a recent development regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza, there has been a disagreement between the Israeli military and the Netanyahu government over the implementation of ‘tactical pauses’ in fighting. These pauses are meant to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza, particularly along a road in southern Gaza, allowing for a temporary cessation of hostilities to aid civilians caught in the conflict. This move comes amid escalating violence, which has seen significant casualties on both sides, and a call from international parties, including the US, for a ceasefire.

  • US President Joe Biden called for a ceasefire in Gaza during the Muslim ID holiday address, highlighting the need to save civilians from the conflict’s horror.
  • The Israeli military announced a daily ‘tactical pause’ along a road in southern Gaza to allow aid deliveries, following increased casualties on both sides.
  • Disagreements arose between the Israeli military and the Netanyahu government, with far-right coalition members criticizing the decision for a tactical pause.
  • Despite the government’s opposition, the Israeli military maintained its stance on the tactical pause, which reportedly led to a relatively calm day in Gaza, with fewer airstrikes and ground fighting.
  • Humanitarian agencies and the international community have welcomed the pause but emphasized the need for a more comprehensive ceasefire to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • The tactical pauses are seen as inadequate by aid organizations, which argue that a massive scaling-up of aid and a complete ceasefire are necessary to meet Gaza’s growing needs.
  • Aid workers face challenges in moving around Gaza and distributing aid due to safety concerns and logistical issues, with relief supplies piling up at border crossings.
  • The most urgently needed aid in Gaza includes food, medicine, shelter materials, and water sanitation hygiene materials, as the region faces a severe humanitarian crisis.

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