Survivors of Sexual Violence in Tigray War Face Lasting Trauma and Medical Challenges


The recent report highlights the harrowing experiences of survivors of sexual violence during the Tigray war in Ethiopia. Victims recount enduring days of captivity and abuse, including the use of acidic substances and physical mutilation. The aftermath of these brutal acts leaves survivors in dire need of medical attention, including plastic surgery, which many cannot afford. Suffering from constant anxiety and pain, these individuals’ stories shed light on the severe physical and psychological scars inflicted upon them.
  • Survivors of sexual violence in the Tigray war have faced severe abuse, including being held captive and raped for days.
  • Perpetrators have used acidic substances on victims and inflicted physical mutilation with scissors.
  • The survivors are in urgent need of medical care, including plastic surgery, which is beyond the financial reach of many.
  • Victims suffer from constant anxiety, pain, and the psychological impact of their experiences, highlighting the lasting effects of trauma.

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