Efforts to Bridge AI Language Gap in Africa Highlighted at Global Media Forum



Addressing the artificial intelligence language gap in Africa, the Global Media Forum hosted by DW in Bonn discussed solutions for the underrepresentation of African languages in AI applications like chatbots and translation tools. Asash Tadu, co-founder of the Berlin-based startup Lisan AI, highlighted the significant disparities in AI benefits between developed and developing countries, attributing it to a focus on languages from economically dominant regions by major tech companies. Lisan AI aims to democratize internet access by developing sophisticated machine translation systems for Ethiopian languages, thus making a wealth of online content accessible in native languages.

  • Millions of internet users in Africa find AI tools like chat GPT or Google Translate ineffective due to lack of support for local languages.
  • The Global Media Forum discussed issues like censorship, democracy, and the challenges of media trends, including the language bias in AI.
  • Asash Tadu’s startup, Lisan AI, is developing machine translation products for Ethiopian languages, aiming to make the web accessible in native languages.
  • Lisan AI’s mission is to bridge the digital divide by providing advanced AI-powered translation for underserved languages, starting with Tigrinya and Amharic.
  • The usage of AI in education is a key focus for Lisan AI, aiming to support content creation and accessibility with technologies like translation and automatic speech recognition.
  • Despite challenges in collaboration, such as with Wikipedia, Lisan AI continues to explore ways to enhance educational content accessibility through AI.

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