Air Strike Wounds Several in Ukraine’s Kharkiv: An Escalation of Hostilities

An air strike on Ukraine’s Kharkiv has resulted in several injuries, as reported by FRANCE 24 English. The attack was carried out using a 300mm guided missile, indicating a significant escalation in the conflict. The video highlights the urgent need for defensive tactics to protect the positions, cities, and communities in Ukraine from such bombings, emphasizing the challenge as a primary instrument of aggression in the ongoing conflict.

  • Several people were wounded in an air strike on Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • The attack involved a 300mm guided missile, pointing to a significant escalation.
  • The incident underscores the urgent need for effective defensive strategies against such forms of aggression.
  • The strike is depicted as a primary tool of terror in the current conflict.

France 24 is an international television network and news website owned by the French state.

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Original video here.

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