Papua New Guinea Landslide: Hundreds Mourn as Search for Victims Continues

Papua New Guinea is currently mourning the tragic loss of hundreds of villagers due to a devastating landslide in the highlands on the 24th of May. In a solemn act of mourning, villagers painted their faces with clay to pay their respects to the victims, many of whom were family members asleep at the time of the catastrophe. The remote valley community continues to search for bodies buried under the rubble, with limited resources and support, raising concerns over a potential health crisis among the survivors.
  • Hundreds of people were buried under a landslide in the highlands of Papua New Guinea on the 24th of May.
  • Villagers mourning the victims painted their faces with clay as a symbol of mourning.
  • A villager lost his entire family, except for one son, to the landslide.
  • The community continues to search for bodies with any means available, more than a week after the disaster.
  • Only five bodies have been found out of an estimated 300 people buried.
  • There is frustration and tension among villagers over the delayed arrival of a digging machine for rescue operations.
  • Army personnel have arrived to assist in recovering bodies and clearing roads.
  • There are concerns of a major health crisis due to decomposing bodies and the potential spread of disease.
  • The search for bodies is expected to continue for a long time, with the mountain still posing a risk for more landslides.

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