French Hope Léon Marchand Breaks Phelps’s Record, Eyes Olympic Gold in Paris

French swimmer Léon Marchand is setting his sights on Olympic gold, showcasing his ambition and talent as one of the top names in swimming. Marchand, who has broken Michael Phelps’s record in the 400-meter individual medley, is being coached by Phelps’s former mentor, Bob Bowman. With Bowman’s guidance, Marchand is focused on managing the pressure and expectations that come with competing at a high level. Meanwhile, preparations for the Olympic Games in Paris include significant efforts to ensure the safety and readiness of venues and athletes, from the installation of the Olympic rings at iconic locations to innovative measures for cooling athletes in the summer heat.
  • Léon Marchan aims for gold at the upcoming Olympic Games, having already made a name for himself in swimming.
  • Bob Bowman, Michael Phelps’s former coach, is now coaching Marchand, believing in his potential to excel in Paris.
  • Olympic rings have been installed at the Eiffel Tower and the swimming venue in L’Île-de-France, emphasizing the readiness of Paris for the games.
  • Australia is taking precautions to protect its athletes from potential water pollution in the River Seine during swimming events.
  • Stanford University is testing new technology designed to cool down athletes through a mitt worn on the hands, offering an alternative to traditional methods like ice baths.
  • Football remains an essential part of culture in France, with preparations underway for the Olympic football events, despite uncertainties surrounding Kylian Mbappé’s participation.
  • High jump world champion Heish Kerr uses unique preparation techniques, including taking frequent toilet breaks to reset and concentrate between jumps.

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