Russian Warships to Conduct Naval Exercises in Havana Amid Cuba’s Economic Crisis, Officials Confirm No Nuclear Arms Onboard

Cuban officials are working to alleviate concerns regarding the scheduled arrival of Russian warships in Havana next week for naval exercises with allies, including Cuba and Venezuela. The officials emphasize that the ships, including a submarine, will not carry nuclear weapons and do not pose a threat to the region. This move comes amid a significant economic crisis in Cuba, with severe power shortages across the country. The Cuban government is seeking closer ties with Russia, in part, to secure essential resources like oil. The exercises and the presence of Russian military power in Cuba have elicited mixed reactions from the Cuban public, with some expressing nostalgia for the Soviet era.

  • Russian warships, including a submarine, are scheduled to arrive in Havana, Cuba, next week for naval exercises with Cuba and Venezuela.
  • Cuban officials assure that the ships will not be armed with nuclear weapons and pose no threat to the region.
  • The United States does not view the arrival of the Russian ships as a threat but will monitor the exercises.
  • The backdrop to this development is Cuba’s severe economic crisis, characterized by significant power shortages across the country.
  • Cuba is seeking closer ties with Russia to obtain essentials like oil, amidst intensified sanctions from the United States.
  • The Cuban government is trying to show its populace and the US that it has international allies, through public displays like a 21-gun salute upon the ships’ arrival.
  • Public perception in Cuba regarding the presence of Russian military power is mixed, with some feeling nostalgic for the Soviet era.
  • The economic crisis in Cuba has prioritized domestic concerns over international issues among the Cuban public.

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