Pro-Russian Bots Attempt to Sway EU Election Opinion Favoring Far-Right

Recent reports have surfaced regarding pro-Russian bots’ attempts to influence public opinion around the EU elections, specifically aiming to support the French far-right National Rally and undermine French President Emmanuel Macron. These bots were found to be disseminating fake news articles mimicking reputable news sources to sway the electorate’s views. Bot Blocker, a group focusing on documenting pro-Russian interference campaigns, uncovered this operation on the eve of the European elections, revealing the use of cloned articles and spam to manipulate public discourse.

  • Pro-Russian bots aimed to influence the EU elections by supporting the French far-right National Rally and undermining French President Emmanuel Macron.
  • Bot Blocker, a group dedicated to exposing pro-Russian interference, identified fake news articles designed to mimic major French news outlets, such as Le Parisien, to spread misinformation.
  • The bots generated cloned articles filled with spam and anti-Macron captions, promoting the fabricated content across social media platforms.
  • To distinguish genuine news sources from fake ones propagated by bots, viewers are advised to scrutinize the URLs, as official French websites end in “.fr,” unlike the fake ones.
  • A glitch in the bots’ operation was discovered when links provided in the spam posts did not lead to the articles being promoted but rather to unrelated or personal blogs, exposing the misinformation attempt.
  • This disinformation campaign is not isolated to France; similar tactics were employed in Germany, targeting pre-election debates with the same modus operandi.

France 24 is an international television network and news website owned by the French state.

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