French Republicans Party Leader Expelled for Proposing Alliance with Far-Right

In a significant development within French politics, Eric Ciotti, the leader of the French Republicans party since 2022, has been ousted from his position following his proposal to form an alliance with the far-right National Rally led by Marine Le Pen. This decision was made unanimously by high-ranking deputies of the party during a meeting held at the social Museum, close to the party’s headquarters. Ciotti, however, has contested the legality of the meeting and insists he remains the president of the party. The Republicans are now faced with a leadership void, with Ani Geneva and FR Xavier Bami stepping in as joint leaders. This event marks a controversial moment for the party, raising questions about its future direction and potential alliances.

  • Eric Ciotti was expelled from the French Republicans party following his suggestion of an alliance with the National Rally.
  • The expulsion was a unanimous decision by high-ranking deputies of the party.
  • Ciotti has disputed the expulsion, claiming the meeting violated the party’s statutes and insisting he remains the party’s president.
  • Ani Geneva and FR Xavier Bami are set to take over leadership of the party as joint leaders.
  • The incident has sparked a debate within the party about its future direction and potential alliances, either with the far-right National Rally or a more moderate approach with Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance.
  • There are concerns within the Republicans about the possibility of the party’s disintegration, reflecting on its historical significance in French politics.

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