EU to Impose New Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles Amid Trade Tensions

The European Union has provisionally concluded that subsidized Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) pose a threat to Europe’s automotive industry, leading to a potential imposition of new tariffs on these imports. This decision comes as part of an ongoing investigation into China’s EV subsidies and could escalate into a trade dispute between the EU and China. The proposed tariffs would be in addition to the existing 10% import duty and vary among different Chinese manufacturers, with the possibility of provisional application from next month unless opposed by a majority of EU member states. Germany, Hungary, and Sweden have shown reservations about this move, mindful of their trade relations with China.

  • The EU’s provisional conclusion suggests unfairly subsidized Chinese EVs threaten Europe’s automotive industry.
  • New tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles are considered unless Beijing can provide evidence to counter the EU’s findings.
  • The proposed duties are additional to the existing 10% import tariffs, with rates varying by manufacturer: BYD at 177%, GIE at 20%, and SAIC at 38%.
  • Other Chinese EV producers who did not cooperate with the investigation face a top rate of 38%, while those who did cooperate and Western brands manufacturing EVs in China are subject to a 21% tariff.
  • China has criticized the EU’s proposed tariffs, pledging to take measures to protect its interests and advocating for free trade and open cooperation.
  • The tariffs are set to provisionally apply from next month and definitively from November unless a majority of EU member states vote against them.
  • Germany, Hungary, and Sweden have expressed concerns about the potential impact on their trade relations with China.

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