Zemmour Expels Maréchal from Reconquest Party Amid Accusations of Undermining Far-Right Coalition in France

In a significant development within France’s far-right political landscape, Reconquest founder Eric Zemmour has expelled Maréchal from the party. The expulsion comes after accusations from Zemmour that Maréchal aimed to present candidates against the National Rally in the upcoming legislative elections, undermining the potential for a right-wing coalition. Zemmour asserts that Maréchal’s actions represent a betrayal to the party’s efforts and supporters, emphasizing his willingness to withdraw candidates if a coalition is feasible. This move highlights the deepening rifts within France’s far-right factions, especially between Reconquest and the National Rally.

  • Eric Zemmour, the president of Reconquest, has officially expelled Maréchal from the party.
  • Maréchal is accused of attempting to present candidates against the National Rally in upcoming legislative elections.
  • The expulsion is framed as an effort to prevent the fragmentation of the right and to maintain a united front against President Emmanuel Macron and the far left.
  • Zemmour denies Maréchal’s accusations and expresses a readiness to withdraw candidates in favor of a right-wing coalition.
  • The conflict highlights underlying tensions between Reconquest and the National Rally, reflecting broader divisions within France’s far-right.
  • Zemmour accuses Maréchal of betraying the party’s activists and supporters, describing her actions as the “world record for betrayal.”
  • Despite joining Zemmour in the 2022 presidential elections, Maréchal has sought to collaborate with her former party, the National Rally, in Brussels and now in Paris.

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