Nathan Hill Discusses ‘Wellness’, Love, and Modern Challenges in Exclusive Interview on FRANCE 24 English

In a recent France 24 English interview, acclaimed author Nathan Hill discusses his latest novel “Wellness,” which delves into modern love, marriage, the societal quest for health and happiness, and the narratives individuals construct for themselves. After the success of his debut novel “The Nix,” Hill’s new work, now being translated into French, explores the evolution of love and relationships through the story of Jack and Elizabeth, a couple whose romantic inception undergoes profound changes over two decades. The novel, which has garnered attention including a selection for Oprah Winfrey’s book club, examines themes of polyamory, parenting, and the American wellness culture, challenging traditional perceptions of love, marriage, and personal fulfillment.
  • Nathan Hill’s second novel “Wellness” examines modern love, marriage, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • The book has been selected for Oprah Winfrey’s book club, a choice revealed to Hill in a surprise Zoom call.
  • “Wellness” is a continuation of a short story Hill wrote 20 years ago, reflecting on the changes in perspective on love and life over time.
  • The narrative explores the concept of love evolving from passionate beginnings to the complexities of life in later years, focusing on characters Jack and Elizabeth.
  • Hill touches on polyamory and how differing narratives of marriage and relationships can challenge traditional views.
  • The novel also critiques the American wellness culture, questioning the value of belief in products and practices that promise health and happiness.
  • Despite not being a parent himself, Hill authentically portrays the challenges and perceptions of parenthood through observations of his friends and family.
  • Photography plays a significant role in the book, with Hill incorporating his own chemigrams, a cameraless photography technique, into the narrative.
  • Hill lives in a conservative part of Florida and comments on the potential closeness of the upcoming autumn elections.
  • The adaptation of Hill’s debut novel “The Nix” into a TV series, initially involving Meryl Streep, is currently on hold.
  • Hill’s cultural pick is the new album “Home” by the Miro Quartet, which he has been listening to on repeat.

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