Senegal Sees Surge in Sheep Prices Ahead of Tabaski Holiday Celebrations

In Senegal, the price of sheep is soaring as the Islamic holiday Tabaski approaches, causing concern among buyers trying to uphold the tradition of family gatherings and celebrations. A luxury breed of sheep, known as a ladoum, can sell for up to €4,000, although some buyers manage to negotiate lower prices. Despite the high costs, the importance of the celebration, which includes feasting and spending time with family, prompts significant spending on these animals. However, many, like a doorman from Dakar, struggle to find affordable options, with even the least expensive sheep priced beyond their budget. As the holiday nears, Dakar residents are moving to countryside villages to celebrate, despite the financial strain.

  • The price of sheep in Senegal is increasing significantly as Tabaski, an important Islamic holiday, approaches.
  • A luxury breed of sheep, the ladoum, can be sold for prices as high as €4,000, though some buyers are able to negotiate down to €2,600.
  • Buyers express that the high cost is worth it for the sake of family gatherings and traditions associated with Tabaski, emphasizing the importance of the celebration.
  • Despite the wide range of sheep prices, many individuals are finding it difficult to afford even the least expensive options.
  • A doorman from Dakar, representing the struggle of many, is unable to find a sheep within his budget, with prices starting at 150,000 Franks, well above his financial reach.
  • As the holiday draws near, many residents of Dakar are traveling to countryside villages to celebrate with their families, despite the economic hardships.

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