Brazilian Women Protest Against Bill Proposing to Treat Late Abortions as Homicide

In Brazil, thousands of women and rights groups have taken to the streets of São Paulo to protest against a bill that seeks to criminalize abortion after 22 weeks, with slogans targeting Brazil’s lower house speaker, Arthur Lira, who is championing the legislation. Critics argue that this bill could endanger child rape victims and lead to more unsafe abortion methods, significantly increasing health risks and death. Despite opposition, the bill, which proposes to extend abortion sentences from 3 to 20 years if performed after 22 weeks, is being pushed by conservative lawmakers. President Lula, attending the G7 Summit in Italy, has condemned the bill, emphasizing the need to treat abortion as a public health issue rather than imposing harsh penalties.

  • Thousands of women and rights groups are protesting in São Paulo against a bill that criminalizes abortion after 22 weeks.
  • The bill is being pushed by Brazil’s lower house speaker, Arthur Lira, and is supported by conservative lawmakers.
  • Critics of the bill argue that it poses a significant risk to child rape victims and could lead to more unsafe abortions.
  • The proposed legislation would increase the maximum sentence for abortions after 22 weeks from 3 years to 20 years.
  • President Lula has condemned the bill, calling for abortion to be treated as a public health issue.
  • Experts warn that the bill could have devastating effects, especially on children, poor women, and those in rural areas, noting that over 60% of rape victims in 2022 were under 14.

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