Swiss Summit Concludes, Advocates for Ukraine’s Sovereignty and Peaceful Resolution with Russia

A recent summit in Switzerland aimed at uniting global opinion on ending the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow concluded with strong support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and called for peace talks with Russia. Despite the absence of Russia and China, which limited the potential impact of the talks, the gathering was marked by the attendance of leaders and delegations from over 90 countries. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky celebrated the event as a historic success, expressing hope for a peaceful resolution moving forward.

  • The summit in Switzerland focused on discussing ways to end the invasion of Ukraine, emphasizing the country’s territorial integrity.
  • Leaders and delegations from more than 90 countries participated, including US Vice President Kamala Harris, though Russia and China did not attend.
  • Three key issues were highlighted: the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants under Ukrainian control, global food security ensuring uninterrupted supply chains, and the release of all prisoners of war along with the return of deported and illegally displaced Ukrainian civilians.
  • The final communique reaffirmed commitment to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, suggesting a return to 1991 borders without providing specific details or maps.
  • Future peace summits and the possibility of including Russia in discussions were suggested, emphasizing the importance of dialogue for resolving the conflict.
  • Despite the absence of China and Russia, the summit was seen as an important step in uniting global opinion and potentially putting pressure on Moscow for peace negotiations.
  • Any country, even those not present at the summit, can sign the final communique if they agree with its key points, leaving the door open for future diplomatic engagements.

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