Kenya Withdraws Tax Hikes on Essentials Following Public Protests

In a significant development, Kenya has decided to withdraw several proposed tax hikes that led to widespread protests. The controversial finance bill had initially suggested increased taxes on essential items such as bread, vegetable oil, and electronic money transfers, sparking public outrage and demonstrations near the Parliament. The government has made amendments to the bill, removing some of the contentious tax hikes in response to the protests, aiming to alleviate the increased cost of living for Kenyans. This decision came after police clashes with demonstrators, highlighting the intense public resistance against the proposed financial measures.

  • Kenya has reversed its decision on implementing multiple tax hikes following fierce protests by citizens.
  • Demonstrations erupted near the Kenyan Parliament, with protestors opposing the finance bill’s proposed tax increases on essential goods and services.
  • Following public outcry and protests, the government announced amendments to the finance bill, dropping the proposed 16% VAT on bread and taxes on mobile payments and vegetable oil.
  • The proposed tax measures were intended to restore Kenya’s economic flexibility in a challenging financial climate.
  • The revised finance bill is set to be debated and is expected to be passed before June 30th.
  • In Zimbabwe, opposition leader James and Timber along with supporters were detained and allegedly assaulted for holding an unauthorized political meeting.
  • A group opposed to Niger’s military leadership claimed responsibility for vandalizing a section of the country’s crude oil pipeline.
  • There is an urgent call for more cholera vaccines across Africa amid stock shortages and a resurgence of outbreaks.
  • Burkina Faso experienced one of its deadliest jihadist attacks, with over 100 soldiers killed, highlighting the ongoing security challenges in the region.
  • Tanzania inaugurates its first electric train, marking a significant advancement in the country’s transport infrastructure and aiming to boost economic opportunities across the region.

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