Countdown to the Olympics: Final Qualifiers and Preparations Heat Up in Paris

In the latest edition of Destination Paris, FRANCE 24 English delves into the preparations and highlights leading up to the Olympic Games in Paris, set to commence in just 36 days. The episode covers the last qualifying events for athletes in Budapest, the impressive performance of French swimmer Leon Maron at the French trials, and the innovative plans for the opening ceremony set to take place on the River Seine. Additionally, the program features an exclusive snippet of an interview with Olympic icon Tommy Smith and showcases the journey of Indian wrestler Anshu Malik as she prepares to compete on the world stage.
  • The Olympic Games in Paris are set to begin in just 36 days, with athletes finalizing their preparations.
  • In Budapest, athletes competed in the final leg of the first ever Olympic qualifier series in urban sports like Breaking, BMX freestyle, skateboarding, and Sport climbing.
  • French swimmer Leon Maron showcased his talent at the French trials, winning both the 200 meters butterfly and breaststroke, setting himself up as a strong contender for gold in Paris.
  • The opening ceremony plans to feature a parade of 205 delegations on more than 80 boats along the River Seine, offering an open-air event that deviates from traditional stadium ceremonies.
  • Preparation for the opening ceremony includes rigorous rehearsals, with a focus on ensuring visibility, safety, and the logistical management of the boats.
  • Anshu Malik, one of India’s top female wrestlers, is highlighted as she secures her position to compete in the Asian qualifying events after winning a crucial match in the National selections.
  • The Paris 2024 organizing committee has unveiled some of the athletes’ equipment, including a uniquely colored rugby ball, aiming to make a memorable impact.
  • The US team’s official outfits for the games have been revealed, designed by Ralph Lauren, featuring patriotic colors and vintage styles.
  • Olympic icon Tommy Smith discusses the importance of athletes standing up for their beliefs and the role of the Olympic Games as a platform for making political statements.

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