Israel Intensifies Military Operations in Gaza, Expands Invasion into Rafah

In a significant escalation of its military operations, Israel has intensified its attacks on central Gaza, specifically targeting camps and expanding its invasion into Rafah. The operation has resulted in a notable increase in casualties, particularly in the southern regions of Gaza, where many of the victims were reportedly awaiting evacuation. Drone strikes have been a key component of the offensive, leading to widespread displacement and affecting both the displaced and non-displaced populations in the area.
  • Israel has intensified military operations in central Gaza.
  • The invasion has expanded into Rafah, marking a significant escalation.
  • A notable increase in casualties has been reported, especially in the south of Gaza.
  • Many victims were awaiting evacuation when they were killed.
  • Drone strikes have been a key component of Israel’s offensive.
  • The operation has led to widespread displacement, affecting both displaced and non-displaced populations.

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