Thousands of Young Kenyans Protest Against Proposed Tax Increases on Essentials

Thousands of young Kenyans have taken to the streets in protests against government-proposed tax hikes, which demonstrators argue will increase the already high cost of living. Despite the government’s partial rollback of some planned tax increases, protestors demand further reductions in levies. The protests, which are the largest organized demonstrations in recent years, have seen significant youth participation and have occurred without the backing of any political party. The government’s recent approval of the new finance bill, despite public opposition and plans for further protests, has only fueled the discontent among Kenyans, many of whom feel overburdened by taxation without sufficient government accountability.
  • Thousands of young Kenyans protested against proposed tax hikes, arguing they would raise the cost of essentials.
  • The protests were largely peaceful, despite the use of tear gas and water cannons by police.
  • This series of demonstrations marks the biggest organized protests in recent years, primarily driven by young citizens without political party affiliations.
  • Protestors have criticized the government for not providing accountability for tax revenues and for implementing what they see as heavy and unjust taxation.
  • Despite significant public opposition, Kenyan MPs voted in favor of the new finance bill, prompting promises of continued protests.
  • Many Kenyans have taken to social networks like TikTok and Facebook to express their discontent and organize future demonstrations.
  • A backdrop of increasing economic struggles and rising costs of living has heightened the impact of additional taxes on the Kenyan population.

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