Hinduja Family Members Sentenced in Switzerland Over Human Exploitation Charges

Members of the Hinduja family, considered Britain’s richest with an estimated net worth of 37 billion, have been sentenced by a Swiss court for human exploitation charges. The case revolved around the treatment of three domestic workers brought from India to the family’s Geneva mansion, where they were paid significantly below the legal wage for extensive work hours. Despite arguments from the defense claiming the workers came to Switzerland willingly, the court imposed prison sentences on family members for their mistreatment of the employees.

  • The Hinduja family, holding an estimated net worth of 37 billion, faced trial in Switzerland for human exploitation.
  • The case involved three domestic workers from India employed at the Hinduja’s Geneva mansion, who were paid less than one-tenth of the Swiss legal minimum wage for 18-hour workdays.
  • Prosecutors highlighted the workers’ passports were taken, and their treatment was compared unfavorably to that of the family’s dog.
  • Prakash Hinduja and his wife Kamal, along with their son Ajay and his wife Namata, were sentenced to prison terms for their roles in the exploitation.
  • The family was acquitted of earlier charges of human trafficking, with the court acknowledging the workers’ voluntary arrival in Switzerland.
  • Despite the convictions, the Hinduja family’s lawyers plan to appeal the decision, expressing confidence in an acquittal through higher courts, including the European Court of Human Rights.

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