Israeli Drone Strikes Open Field in Sidon, Lebanon; No Casualties Reported

An Israeli drone has launched an airstrike by firing missiles into Lebanon’s third-largest city, Sidon, marking the first time the city has been targeted in such a manner. The strike involved two missiles hitting an open field within the city, but the intended target of the attack remains unclear. Importantly, there were no casualties reported from this incident. This event follows another significant airstrike outside of Southern Lebanon, where an Israeli operation led to the assassination of a leader affiliated with Al Islam, a group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, in the western Beqaa Valley.

  • The Israeli drone conducted an airstrike in Sidon, the third-largest city in Lebanon, and the largest in the southern part of the country.
  • The strike involved the deployment of two missiles into an open field within Sidon; however, the specific target of the attack has not been disclosed.
  • No casualties were reported following the airstrike in Sidon.
  • This incident came shortly after another operation where Israel assassinated a leader of Al Islam, a group connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, in the western Beqaa Valley.
  • The city of Sidon is located around 40 kilometers away from Beirut, making it relatively distant from the Israel-Lebanon border compared to other southern Lebanese locations.

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