NHK World TV Showcases International Project for Young Asian Artists and Documentaries on March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery Efforts

This week, NHK WORLD-JAPAN highlights an international project aimed at nurturing young Asian artists in fields such as animation and computer graphics, connecting studios across Japan, Thailand, and Turkey. The channel also continues its in-depth coverage of the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami with two documentaries. One explores the immediate aftermath through 38 minutes of raw footage captured by an NHK reporter, who returns a year later to follow up on the survivors’ stories. The other documentary focuses on the efforts of local officials in a tsunami-affected town to relocate the community to higher ground, documenting their year-long journey towards recovery.

  • An international project supports aspiring young Asian artists in animation, computer graphics, and other media.
  • The project facilitated connections between studios in Japan, Thailand, and Turkey.
  • Two documentaries provide continued coverage of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami’s aftermath.
  • One documentary features 38 minutes of footage captured immediately after the earthquake, with a follow-up on the survivors a year later.
  • The other documentary follows the struggle of local officials in a tsunami-affected town to relocate the community to higher ground over the span of a year.

NHK WORLD-JAPAN is “the international service of Japan’s public media organization NHK.” NHK World-Japan is operated by Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK). The goal of NHK World-Japan is stated as “to promote a deeper international understanding of Japan, introducing the latest events in Japan through news and other programs.”

“Overall, we rate NHK World-Japan Left-Center biased based on story selection that slightly favors the left. We also rate them High for factual reporting due to a clean fact check record.”

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