NHK WORLD-JAPAN Highlights Dangers of Urban Flooding and Urges Early Evacuation

NHK WORLD-JAPAN’s latest video brings to light the hazards of urban flooding, emphasizing the underestimated force of water during the rainy season. The video features an experiment demonstrating the difficulty of opening a partially submerged door and navigating stairs in flood conditions, advocating for early evacuation as water levels rise.

  • The video focuses on the dangers of water flow through cities during the rainy season.
  • An experiment shows the challenge of opening a door that is submerged 45 centimeters underwater, roughly the thickness of a three-pack of tissues.
  • It illustrates how water depths exceeding 30 centimeters can make stair climbing difficult.
  • The report underscores the importance of evacuating early as conditions can worsen quickly with increasing rainfall.
  • The overarching message is not to underestimate the power of water during floods.

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