NHK WORLD-JAPAN Highlights Risks of Storm Surges and High Waves During Floods

NHK WORLD-JAPAN has reported on the dangers of floods, emphasizing the risks of storm surges and high waves that can accompany severe weather events. The video highlights the importance of understanding these natural phenomena, the potential damage they can cause, and the necessary precautions that should be taken to ensure safety during such occurrences.

  • Storm surges are a significant risk during hurricanes and typhoons, leading to severe flooding in coastal areas.
  • High waves, often caused by strong winds, can contribute to the damage and impact of storm surges.
  • It’s crucial for residents in vulnerable areas to be aware of weather forecasts and to follow evacuation orders when issued.
  • Preventative measures include reinforcing homes, preparing emergency kits, and knowing the safest evacuation routes.
  • Educational efforts are underway to inform the public about the dangers of these natural water-related disasters.

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