NHK WORLD-JAPAN Explores the Effectiveness of Oshi-Sumo Technique Among Young Wrestlers

NHK WORLD-JAPAN has released a new educational video on Sumopedia, highlighting the basic sumo fighting style known as ‘oshi-zumo,’ which involves pushing and thrusting without gripping the opponent’s belt (mawashi). The video showcases how younger wrestlers excel at this technique and how it can be effective against higher-ranked opponents who favor belt wrestling. It also touches on the rigorous training that sumo wrestlers undergo to master ‘oshi-zumo’ and the strategic use of additional moves to secure victories.

  • The video explains ‘oshi-zumo,’ a basic sumo fighting style focusing on pushing and thrusting.
  • Younger wrestlers are noted for their proficiency in this technique.
  • Despite the preference for belt wrestling (‘mawashi’) among top wrestlers, ‘oshi-zumo’ remains effective.
  • Sumo wrestlers dedicate significant training time to perfect ‘oshi-zumo’ techniques.
  • Training culminates in ‘butsukari-geiko,’ where junior wrestlers push against seniors until exhaustion.
  • Young wrestlers are achieving notable victories with a combination of speed, power, and ‘oshi-zumo.’
  • Strategic use of various techniques, such as pulling moves, complements ‘oshi-zumo’ during matches.
  • The video encourages viewers to watch for up-and-coming wrestlers using ‘oshi-zumo’ to climb the ranks.

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