US Midterm Elections 2022: Analyzing Congressional Power Dynamics with Political Scientist Paul Sarasek—NHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS

As the US midterm elections unfold, political scientists are analyzing the likely outcomes for Congress. Historically, midterms have been challenging for the president’s party, with President Biden’s low approval ratings potentially influencing the Democratic Party’s performance. The Senate, evenly split with a Democratic tie-breaking vice president, has seats up for grabs that could sway control. Voter concerns about the economy, inflation, and abortion rights are key factors that could shape election results, with the potential to mobilize specific voter demographics, such as suburban women.

  • Midterm elections historically tend to be unfavorable for the president’s party.
  • Exceptions to this trend were noted in 1998 with Bill Clinton and in 2002 with George W. Bush, attributed to their high approval ratings.
  • Current President Biden’s low approval ratings may affect the Democratic Party’s performance in the House and Senate.
  • The Senate is currently split 50-50, with the vice president’s tie-breaking vote favoring Democrats.
  • Only one-third of the Senate seats are up for election, focusing attention on the toss-up states that could tip the balance of power.
  • Polls suggest the economy is a critical issue for nearly half of the voters.
  • Inflation and the cost of living, particularly gasoline prices, are driving voter dissatisfaction.
  • Abortion rights have become a significant factor in this election, potentially increasing turnout among suburban women and possibly reducing losses for Democrats.

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