Taiwanese Publisher’s Detention Raises Concerns for Freedom of Speech and Academic Publishing

The recent detention of Taiwanese publisher Lee Ming-che by Chinese authorities has raised concerns over Beijing’s influence on freedom of speech. Lee, whose company previously published works critical of China’s treatment of ethnic minorities, is under investigation for allegedly endangering national security. The arrest has sparked fear among publishers and researchers, including Japanese citizen and Inner Mongolian-born Professor Yang Haiying, whose book on human rights violations was published by Lee’s company. Yang has experienced pressure from China himself, revealing the extent of Beijing’s reach.

  • Taiwanese publisher Lee Ming-che was detained in Shanghai; his publishing house had released books critical of the Chinese government’s policies towards ethnic minorities.
  • Lee’s company published ‘Genocide on the Mongolian Steppe,’ a book by Professor Yang Haiying detailing human rights abuses in Inner Mongolia.
  • Yang Haiying, now a Japanese citizen, had previously faced detention and threats from Chinese authorities for speaking out on ethnic minority issues.
  • Lee Ming-che’s detention is feared to have a chilling effect on publishers in Taiwan and globally, potentially reducing the number of books critical of China being published.
  • Yang has received intimidating correspondence in Japan, including a letter from his sister-in-law under duress, indicating China’s efforts to suppress dissent beyond its borders.
  • The incident highlights the broader implications for freedom of speech in East Asia and the pervasive nature of Beijing’s censorship.

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