Traditional Summer Ritual Resumes in Japan: NHK WORLD-JAPAN Reports

In Japan, a cherished summer tradition has made a return as featured on NHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS. The ritual, which was previously halted due to pandemic-related restrictions, is being celebrated once again, marking a significant moment for the local community. The event is characterized by its cultural significance and the joy it brings to participants and onlookers alike.

  • A traditional Japanese summer ritual has resumed after being put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • The event is a significant cultural occasion that brings together members of the local community.
  • Citizens express happiness and relief as they are able to partake in the festivities once more.
  • The ritual is an important part of Japan’s intangible cultural heritage, representing the nation’s customs and history.
  • Organizers and participants follow safety measures to ensure public health while engaging in the event.

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