Western Fighter Jets Could Shift Aerial Balance in Ukraine War

The video discusses the potential impact of Western fighter jets, such as the F-16, on the conflict in Ukraine. It highlights Ukraine’s request for jets to gain air superiority and how this could change the dynamics of the aerial combat against Russian forces. The video examines the capabilities of the Western jets compared to Russia’s Su-35s and the extensive training Ukrainian pilots would require to operate them effectively. Additionally, it touches on the reluctance of Western governments to escalate the conflict by providing jets that could strike targets within Russia.

  • Kyiv has expressed a desire for 200 Western jets like the F-16, Eurofighter Typhoon, or Swedish Gripen to achieve air superiority.
  • The US has declined to provide fighter jets to Ukraine, but the UK and some European countries are considering it.
  • Neither Ukraine nor Russia has established air dominance, with Ukraine relying on air defenses and downing over a hundred Russian aircraft.
  • Western jets could allow Ukraine to directly counter Russian aircraft and alter the balance of power in the skies.
  • The Su-35 has advantages like a bigger payload and long-range missiles, but Western jets could offer competitive medium-range missiles and advanced technology.
  • Ukrainian pilots would need substantial training, up to a year, to adapt to Western aircraft.
  • The UK has agreed to start training Ukrainian pilots, despite concerns about escalating the war.
  • Any fighter jets supplied would complement the arsenal of weaponry, like HIMARS and tanks, that Ukraine is already receiving from allies.

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