USS Carney Successfully Engages Houthi Drones and Missiles in Red Sea with AEGIS Defense System

The recent actions of the USS Carney, a guided missile destroyer operating in the Red Sea, highlight its advanced defensive capabilities and role in projecting power. The destroyer successfully intercepted drones and cruise missiles launched by the Houthis, thanks to its state-of-the-art AEGIS combat system and SPY-1D radar. The video delves into the technical details of the Carney’s defense mechanisms, including its layered defense strategy with the MK41 Vertical Launch System and the Close-in Weapon System (CIWS), while contextualizing the ship’s mission within the broader U.S. strategy in the region.

  • The USS Carney shot down a drone in late November and intercepted several drones and cruise missiles in October, launched by the Houthis.
  • The Carney operates as part of a carrier strike group, whose main purpose is to protect the group and deter militant groups from engaging in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • The Carney’s AEGIS combat system integrates radar and missile launch systems for both offensive and defensive operations.
  • The SPY-1D radar on the ship can detect objects as small as a golf ball over 102 miles away and track multiple targets simultaneously.
  • The MK41 Vertical Launch System on the destroyer allows for rapid-fire missile deployment, effectively countering multiple incoming threats.
  • The destroyer’s SM-2 missiles have a range of 90 nautical miles and can reach altitudes up to 65,000 feet.
  • The Carney also employs the CIWS for last-ditch defense, which includes the Phalanx and SeaRAM systems capable of firing projectiles or missiles at incoming threats.
  • The carrier strike group’s presence in the Red Sea is part of a U.S. strategy to prevent the conflict’s expansion and to support Israel without deploying ground troops.
  • The USS Carney, besides its defensive role, also possesses offensive capabilities such as a five-inch gun, anti-ship harpoons, and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

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